SPE "IMPULSE" - the winner of the "Power edge - 2010"

February 18, 2010 in Zaporozhye was held a meeting of the active members of Zaporizhzhya chamber of Commerce, the main topic of discussion which were the position and actions of the chamber in the context of Ukraine's integration into the EU. The participants were provided with a Plan of action support the competitiveness of enterprises in the region in the conditions of free trade with the European Union for 2010-2014". The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Council Leonid Anisimov.

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The meeting was held the ceremony of awarding the members STPP - winners in the field of entrepreneurship "Power edge". Full member of the Ukrainian chamber of Commerce and RPE "IMPULSE" - became the winner of the "Power edge" in the field of entrepreneurial activity in the nomination "INNOVATOR of the YEAR" among enterprises Zaporozhye region in 2010 and was awarded a diploma and a commemorative badge for wesome contribution to the development of Zaporizhzhya region.



Expanding the possibilities of new developments

At the request of the company "ACCU-Energo" (BC Kyiv) on the basis of SPE "IMPULSE" July 28-29, 2009. in, Zaporozhye was held a seminar for specialists of the parent company and its regional offices (Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv, Simferopol) which examined aspects of installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment by scientific production Association "IMPULSE". The close cooperation of the leading developers of the manufacturer with customers will allow in the future to respond to their needs and to take into account technological features of energy facilities.
Active communication, a large number of questions from the workshop participants, allow us to conclude that this seminar has brought some fresh air into the everyday life of employees, as well as helped to answer some very important questions employees "ACCU-Energo" on the possibilities of applying new developments of the design Bureau SPE "IMPULSE".

How to get the meter to "spin backwards"

On the technical task of the enterprise JSC "Motor Sich" (,Zaporozhye) engineering Department SPE "IMPULSE" designed and manufactured uninterruptible power system UPS 220V/5kVA-50Hz designed to power in stationary conditions of electronic equipment and other consumers total capacity of up to 5.0 kVA in parallel operation of the wind farm together with the industrial network 220V/50Hz, and for charging the battery.

The system allows you to send the "surplus" electricity generated by an alternative energy source (wind turbine, solar panel and other) in the industrial network 220V/50Hz. In our opinion, the joint use of alternative source of energy and uninterruptible power systems UPS 220V/5kVA-50Hz is most appropriate when used on objects with uneven energy consumption during the day (day / night) or during the season (the season of summer holiday season and the winter on the weekend) because in case of excess of electricity production over consumption of electricity, the grid is used as a additional drive power (in addition to the existing battery of the uninterruptible power system) for later use.

Technical reference "Channel "M-1" (,Kyiv) upgraded television transmitters

On the technical task of the Channel "M-1" (,Kyiv) upgraded television transmitters "SA 1KUL" SOLID STATE AMPLIFIER" (production - Italy) - power supply "SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY (6134)" is replaced by the power PULSE by scientific production Association "IMPULSE".

The Ministry of foreign Affairs offers support to domestic producers

The purpose of the visit was to establish close cooperation between the Ministry of foreign Affairs with the regions. Deputy Minister moved to cities of the country in order to study the situation in the industrial sector, to find out how the Ministry can protect the interests of domestic producers on foreign markets and to facilitate investment in the development of the industrial sector.

During the meeting Alexander Gorin noted that such meetings are not a campaign. He assured that such communication will have a system basis. After the ten-day voyage on the regions where representatives of the Ministry will become familiar with the state of Affairs on the ground, there will be a meeting in the Ministry, which will be elaborated follow-up action plan. It will be available in each region to work together to achieve the desired result.

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