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semin thumb

March 25, 2010 in the conference hall of the Zaporozhye hotel "Intourist" was held the seminar "Ensuring compliance of industrial products to the requirements of New Approach directives of the European Union (technical regulations, conformity assessment and standardization)". The event was held in the framework of the implementation of the Tacis project "Technical assistance to the Ukrainian quality infrastructure", which is funded by the European Union. The objective of this project is to help Ukraine strengthen the institutions quality assurance.

The seminar was also attended by the specialists of the company "Impulse". Effective operation of the system of technical regulation is essential to achieve the strategic goal of European integration, proclaimed by the President of Ukraine, and for the dynamic development of the national economy, in particular, providing opportunities for innovative development, the successful competition of domestic production with imports on the domestic and foreign markets.

Presentations were made by international experts of the Tacis project who have experience in improving systems of technical regulation in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States - the main expert of market oversight, Svetlozar Tolv (Bulgaria) and the main expert on conformity assessment Enrique Machado George (Portugal). They introduced the objectives of the system of technical regulation in the conditions of market economy, the process of implementing the ACAA Agreement (on conformity assessment and acceptance of industrial products). Told about the main principles of the New Approach of the European Union to the technical regulations and the national quality infrastructure: security products, promoting competition between manufacturers, objectives and key aspects of market surveillance. Thus, in accordance with the New Approach, the requirements established by technical regulations, allow enterprises that produce products with a low risk of danger, to confirm its compliance through the issuance of the Declaration of conformity. And products with a high degree of risk risk is assessed by the assessment bodies conformity through the use of so-called “modular approach”.