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sertifikat kvi

October 26-27, 2010. technical Director of the enterprise "IMPULSE" eng Kolosov Valery Ivanovich took part in the seminar "Development of modern power converters", in Moscow. The seminar is IA "Center of Modern Electronics. A two-day seminar covered all the main achievements of the world industry in the design and manufacture of power transformers. The main aim of the workshop was delivered professional development developers of power electronics. During the seminar, the participants get acquainted with advanced theory and best practice design voltage converters; systematization and interpretation of international experience in this area. For the preparation and conduct of the workshop was invited one of the leading experts in this field other Richard riddle (ELFI S.A., Switzerland). In preparing the seminar was attended by Professor, doctor so-called Meleshin C. I., SC "Communication Engineering".



K. T. N., technical Director of the enterprise "IMPULSE" Kolosov V.I., Etc. Richard riddle (ELFI S.A., Switzerland).


D. the so-called Meleshin C. I., SC "Communication Engineering" and K. T. N., technical Director of the enterprise "IMPULSE" Kolosov V. I.