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On the technical task of the State-owned enterprise special instrumentation "Arsenal", Kyiv) designed and manufactured a special power supply IPI 220VAC/115VAC-400Hz-1,0 kVA designed for bench testing.

Main technical data and characteristics

1 rated voltage AC 220V.
2 operating range supply voltage AC 180...255)Century
3 Allowable voltage range mains AC (175...260)Century
4 the nominal value of the output AC voltage (115+-3)Century
5 nominal frequency value of the output voltage (400+-0,5)Hz.
6 nominal full load power VA.
7 working range load capacity from 0 to 100% from the nominal value.
8 view of the load - active, active-inductive, active-capacitive, non-linear (rectifier with filter).
9 working range of the load power factor 0,7...1.
10 Factor overload capacity of 1.5:1 for 3C.
11 the THD of the output voltage at the rated value active power load is not more than 10%.
12 the Current consumed by the inverter at the rated value of the supply voltage and power load no more than 5.2 A.
13 Inverter has overload protection and short circuit at the load, from the low voltage supply network, as well as from overheating.
14 Automatic shutdown of the Converter occurs at lower voltage AC power below the minimum acceptable values. Automatic switching of the Converter occurs at the return of the mains voltage in the operating range.
15 On the way to protect people from electric shock, the device complies with the class of 01, and the degree of protection for housing electrical equipment class IP20.
16 dielectric strength between closed input terminals and the housing unit between the closed output terminals and the housing unit, and between the closed input terminals and closed output terminals of the device can withstand without breakdown test voltage 1000V effective value.
17 the efficiency of the Converter at the rated value of input voltage and load capacity not less than 0,85.
18 cooling Method forced ventilation control performance air supply.
19 overall dimensions (WxHxD, excluding protrusions) Him.
20 Mass Converter, no more than 5.0 kg